I know Why We Still Call Each Other Nigga

Some one commented to me once, that if we (iRIZE partners) had been "white" then signing unheard of, undiscovered, unrecognized, un-ambitious, happy go lucky wanna be MC's, would be no problem. But since we are black we can't be trusted with our own? Niggas!. When I hand a white man a contract he does his due diligence, comes back with recommendations and attempts to negotiate for different terms. When I hand the same contract to a black man, he looks at me with suspicion, caution, and mistrust. He shows it to his mama, uncle, cousin - who dropped out of law school - and anyone else who will side with his ignorance, and tells us "I'm not feeling this" What the F*&K is that supposed to mean! Niggas!   

My partner said to me "man we ain't done nothing wrong but spend our money on people who don't see the value or the sacrifice we're making on their behalf. Niggas! A young brother with some talent for making beats, a lot of hard work and ambition tried to sell me a track like he was Jermaine Dupree. He had never sold a track before in his life, but because I showed interest and a desire to use his stuff, he felt like he was worth all that. Instead of taking a chance on me, like I was taking a chance on him, he flexed. Niggas! A man that I showed nothing but love for stole from me, sacrificed our project, and wasted hundreds of our dollars because I wanted him to think out the box and insisted that he does. I thought I had a right to. After all we were paying the bills. He flexed too, straight to his mama. Niggas!

Why won't you negotiate with me? Why won't you help me get to where you are? Why won't you give me the benefit of your knowledge and experience so that I too may prosper and give back and patronize you? Niggas. Why won't you return my calls, answer my e-mails, send my invoice, attend to the matters that I paid you for? Niggas. Don't tell me your feeling are hurt, you didn't like the way I talked to you or your artistic integrity was bruised; this isn't personal it's business. Why you drop out like that? Niggas. Are we really like crabs in a barrel, like back stabbers? What happen to "when the going gets tuff the tough get going". Niggas.

You know why we still call each other Niggas.. Some folks really are! 

Remember, "We Rize one i at a time"

829 Yo, Peace
Hi Chew!

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