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When you see him, when you hear him, and when you watch him, you will understand why he’s called "BLITZ". You will have no choice but to feel him. Accordingly, Blitz’s name is derived from the defensive strategy used in football where the quarterback is targeted for annihilation. That’s how he comes at you. At Six feet two inches tall, and every bit of 250 lbs., Blitz is impressive to look at, but it’s his awesome presence and powerful delivery that you will remember most. Off the Mic, in ordinary conversation, you will discover a humble and intellectual giant. Blitz is a man that has contemplated many things and is particularly knowledgeable about the hip-hop industry. Blitz cautions us that "there are two forms of this trend setting yet so stereotypical music… One glamorized and infiltrated by cut throats and another commercialized and perpetrated by "wanna bee’s". The true music is the music of ghetto; the voice of the inner city."

Blitz has a unique understanding and appreciation for the origins of hip-hop. Taking to him is like taking to an old school head. " Back in the Bronx people used to get together and jam in the park and manifest the true epitome of the art form. Rappin, break dancing, popping and graffiti completed the square." His major complaint is that "through out the years hip hop became impure, no longer being the raw underground movement that changed the lives of so many young blacks". But, he does concede that hip-hop changed his life.

Born during the winter of 1975, Blitz began to ‘spit’ in the ninth grade. Grand Master Flash, KRS, Ultra Magnetic and Kool G Rap influenced him. He took their raw passion and bumped it up a notch, introducing a "you better hear me" attitude that commands attention. Now working with Winter, the other half of Winter/Blitz, one can hear the storm off in the horizon. The term "calm before the storm" takes on a whole new meaning with these two MC’s. Blitz wants the world to know " I plan to make some noise in the industry; that’s my word. So as long as God blows da breath, I’ma rock the death"!  

Montini, A.K.A. "Winter" is from Baltimore, Maryland. Born in 1981, he hails from a large proud extended family, complete with grand parents, dozens of aunts and uncles, and more cousins than he can name. Winter is particularly proud of his family and the togetherness and support he has always enjoyed. He boasts " my household contains four of the six woman I love."

Winter grew up with an average musical background. He enjoyed listening to the radio and partying at family reunions, birthday parties and similar events. His interests in hip-hop began when a friend and fellow hip-hop artist introduced him to a Busta Rhymes CD. According to Winter, "it was then that I began to take hip-hop seriously and I attempted to learn all I could about rappin and started to rap myself. By listening to Busta Rhymes and other MC’s, I began to develop my own style." Winter wasn't alone. By developing relationships with other rappers, including iRIZE recording artist P.J. (David Perkins), Winter quickly developed a ferocious free style with thought provoking lyrics, attached to a syncopated flow, made more impressive by a smooth flawless delivery.

As Winter developed and gained the respect from other free style artist in Baltimore he was challenged to affix his creativity to paper. Winter began a campaign of writing and really exploring the intricacies of life, music, the urban scene and how best to relate his experience through hip-hop. Now coupled with Gregory Hines (Blitz), Winter has a new way to express his ideals through another voice. Winter Claims, "now its no longer I, Its Winter/Blitz. We are on a mission to make a mark in the history of hip-hop ".


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