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Daniel  "D'Rich" Richardson III

Daniel "D'Rich" Richardson III
The "iRIZE Vision" stems from a genuine desire to become a successful minority business and an embassy of good will. Our diverse staff of talented professionals specializes in business development, marketing, graphic arts, and fashion design. We take pride in knowing that we’ve acquired quality people with a common vision. The iRIZE logo figure with the arms lifted towards the heavens is symbolic of what we strive for as a company.

Self-empowerment regardless of adversity is essential to uplifting  the human race. Everyone should have an inner desire to overcome obstacles. Yet it’s not just about success, but the spiritual growth of mankind. We strive to attain and maintain, but rarely do we acknowledge the fact that we’re all very necessary from a universal standpoint. In other words, we all have a purpose. The key is to find yours. The "i" in iRIZE is symbolic of this. We must first ascend as individuals and then as a human race.

Reared as a young man in urban Baltimore, Maryland, I am reminded of the days when I was faced with the challenges of choosing between being an individual or "one of the boys", a leader or a follower. iRIZE represents that challenge .

"I rise" is a very strong commentary that is self defined. It’s short, sweet, and to the point - no loopholes, no excuses, no exceptions, no obstacles.  Malcolm X couldn’t have said it better when he said, "By Any Means Necessary." "By Any Means Necessary – I Rise."  

We place boundaries on ourselves based on the worlds' perception or the "status quo." If you search for that passion deep within, you can overcome the ills of today’s hopeless society. The key is to establish a sound spiritual relationship with your deity and look deep within. People identify each other based on cultural, social and financial backgrounds. Not who you really are or what you really represent. So, who are you and why are you? Therein lies your true identity.

Remember, you are only limited by your limitations. It’s time to RIZE!


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