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Lonney F. Gregory 
The "Coo"
Lonney F. Gregory

The Coo is iRIZE’S traffic cop. Lonney makes sure everything gets done and every one is doing what they should be doing. "My job is to ensure the rest of us always has a job." As one of the three iRIZE co-founders, Coo takes his responsibilities very seriously, sometimes too seriously.

Fortunately D'Rich and Be Bangin reel him in. "Occasionally I get carried away in my enthusiasm . Rodney and Dan help to ground me. I provide a lot of the strategic vision for iRIZE. I plan and plot and consider our future because our lively hood, the future we plan for our children and the millions we want to reach and assist is at stake. I go about my business with those things in mind." In fact The Coo has allot of things in mind and he'll be sharing them with you in the Coo’s Corner

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