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CooThank you for coming to Coo's Corner. I'm Coo. Actually only Dan calls me Coo, but I thought it was cool and wanted to do something with it. So I decided to start something like an editorial page. In this page I will address some issues, problems, observations, lessons learned, anecdotes, philosophy and general rhetoric that you may or may not be interested in. I'm hoping to establish a dialogue with my readers and receive feedback and comments about this column. If you missed the last article you can still read it. I saved it for you. So let me know what you think. Drop me a line at

Be Grateful

I took a lot of criticism for my last article, "I know Why We Call Each Other Niggas". I guess I deserved some of it. I really am opposed to using the term cart blanche, but like Chris Rock said about O.J. Simpson "I understand". I was angry when I wrote that article. At every corner there was a disappointment, let down or a breach of contract. And even though I subscribe to the philosophy of "don't take it personal, its business", I couldn't help that my feelings were hurt and my ego was bruised. I needed to lash out, so I did. For those of you I offended, I offer my apologies. For those of you I talked about, I owe you my thanks.

"Thanks"! Yes thanks. In fact I am grateful to you all for giving me the opportunity learn some of life's most valuable lessons. With out these disappointments, with out these let downs, with out the loss of relationships and some friendships, I would never have learned what it really means to be committed and to persevere no matter what. In addition, I  learned who my true friends and partners are and I am grateful for their support, commitment and love. 

I remember telling a friend of mine, who has his own very unique business, that no one else is going to dream his dream and believe as he does. I told him he will have to endure long nights, endless doubts, and rejection on a daily basis. He did, and now he is well on his way to achieving the goals and fulfilling the dreams he set out for himself. When we last spoke there was a calmness and a peaceful resolve about him that I could sense. I asked him about it and he shared his tales of woe, despair, sacrifice and hope with me. But he ended with tales of triumph, rewards and success. Most all he thanked God that he had not given up and was grateful for the entire experience. That conversation lead me to contemplate my own experience.

Sure, I have been disappointed and frustrated, but I am grateful for the pain for it has increased my tolerance. I have been lied to and cheated. But I am grateful for the hurt for it has made me more forgiving and cautious. I have been insistent and steadfast on matters that proved to be futile. I am grateful for the embarrassment because it taught me to trust my partners instincts more and my business processes less. I have complained about all the things that have gone wrong, but I have neglected to thank the people who continue to do the right things. I am grateful to be reminded that there are good people out there and even more grateful they have stayed by our side.

Most of all, I am grateful for my health, my family, my loved ones, and Gods continuing ability to give me the strength that I need to continue in the pursuit of my dreams. I am immensely grateful for my partners and their diligence, and for the friends of iRIZE who never let us down (you all know who you are). Our Motto is "ONE i AT A TIME". I need to add "ONE DAY AT A TIME", because as my buddy would tell you, "the best is yet to come". I am grateful to know as each day passes iRIZE comes that much closer to realizing its potential.

829 Yo, Peace!
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