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"I, as an individual, body and soul aspire to be limitless and live beyond now."


"i" is the one speaking. Identified, selected.    The individual is i and i am the individual.

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The body is my body, my soul, my being; that which makes "i", me. The body represents the eternal substance that is creative, wonderful and good, yet fragile, gullible and temporary.

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The triangles, first he dark, not he black - but the dark. Notice the bottom is wide and broad the exit steep and sharp. The only way out is through the top. But there is plenty of room on the bottom. It’s easy to stay put on the bottom. This is how most of us start. This is where some stay; some are trapped, others imprisoned, still others don't give a... But we have choices - conscious choices - options. We don't have to stay.

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white triangle

The next triangle is clear, not white. It is pure and transparent. It represents clarity and the expansion and expression of freedom. The ascension through it is life changing. Once inside the possibilities are limitless. Its entry is finite and very particular. Getting in is painful, only the diligent survive. "Because strait is the gate and narrow is the way which lead unto life and few there be that find it."

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R represents "are" the verb for being. But it is even more significant than that. R is for respect. R is for running things. R is for reaching beyond the denials. R is for responsibility and regeneration.  The R is for the Rize in iRIZE. iRIZE, what do you do?
829 Yo!

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We Rize One i At A Time


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