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Madam PresidentAs President and co-founder of iRIZE, L.L.C., Pamela brings a wealth of entrepreneurial experience, which includes, but is not limited to; Real estate, catering, event planning and marketing. "My role as President will primarily focus on developing, implementing, and managing programs that will interact with community groups, helping to empower our youth. My goal is for iRIZE to make a difference, to have a positive impact on our customers and within our communities".

Also known as "Spiritual Leader", Pamela is the creative and somewhat esoteric iRIZE visionary. Her desire to uplift the expectations of youth, and contribute to the ascension of the human spirit is apparent in the iRIZE logo and the name of the company, which was named by Pam. "I was inspired by the poem "Still I Rise", by Dr. Maya Angelou. It addresses the ability to overcome all challenges and obstacles in life. This is the message we would like to convey". Pamela also writes poetry and will contribute some of that talent to the website in the near future.

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