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Have you ever wanted a designer piece but wished it were just a little bit different; Maybe a different color, or the logo placed some where else. You probably have your own ideas about what your gear should look like. We agree. You should be able to get want you want your way, your choice. iRIZE has several ways for you to participate from designing to marketing.

Custom Choice Cooperative Design
One special shirt or a complete outfit just for you. Logon to our custom choice design shop and make your own iRIZE gear. select from our pre-designed templates to create your variation of the iRIZE line. Got some computer skills? Upload your special twist on things and participate in the Flavor of the month club.

Collaborative Design
This is like going into business for yourself. Let iRIZE assist you in penetrating the market with your own original iRIZE design, that we will manufacture, market, and pay you for. Also, we will custom make apparel for your organization or group.

Flavor of the Month
One of you is going to hit it with a fresh iRIZE design. We will market it as the Flavor of the Month, making you eligible for residual income. That's more money, more money, more money.


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